Things You Should Know about Medium Chemical Peel

It comes as no surprise that invasive facial solutions have seen a steep decline.  More and more people appreciate non-invasive solutions to their facial skin concerns.  This is the reason why chemical peels have become all the rage in recent years. 

Taking advantage of this new trend, many skin care clinics and companies have jumped in to offer the best kind of chemical peel formula. No matter how many products are introduced to the market, one thing, however, remains a constant. Patients must first know their skin type and their goals in order to find the best kind of chemical peel for them.

What is Medium Chemical Peel?

One kind of chemical peel that a patient can consider is a medium chemical peel.

“Acne scars, deeper wrinkles, and uneven skin color can all be treated with a medium chemical peel.  The chemicals used for this type of peel will remove skin cells from both the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and upper part of your middle layer of skin (dermis).  Agents frequently used for medium depth chemical peeling include TCA (trichloroacetic acid), Jessner’s solution, and glycolic acid. (Source

As its name connotes, a medium chemical peel is right between a deep chemical peel and the light kind. The agents used in this type are not as strong a deep chemical peel but they are a lot stronger than the light chemical peel. Depending on the needs of the patient, this can be done either once or twice a year. As with any other procedure, it has its own risks as well.

Are there Risks Involved in Medium Chemical Peel?

When trichloroacetic acid is used in a medium chemical peel, you'll experience some redness, stinging and flaking of the skin. Commonly, symptoms are similar to those of a deep sunburn. Although these chemicals won't bleach your skin, you may see some color changes. You're advised to avoid the sun and to use sunblock for several months to protect that fresh new layer of skin. Other medium chemical peel risks include hyperpigmentation, permanent scarring (although very uncommon), and redness which may last longer for some people. (Source

For patients with recurring acne problems and deep wrinkles, a medium chemical peel may be the perfect procedure for them. 

To minimize the possibility of risks, patients must go to well-trusted skin care clinics and plastic surgeons who have vast experience with this particular procedure. It is also wise to consult a dermatologist before committing to any type of chemical peel. 

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