Breast Augmentation through Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation has been around for years. As technology improves so do the different procedures in augmenting breasts. Gone are the days when getting implants is the only way to do it. There are now other ways to do it some so outrageous that one might have to do a double take to see if it really does exist or not. 
One of these is breast augmentation through fat transfer.  The doctor basically performs liposuction to harvest fat from areas like the hips or abdomen.  Fat cells are then injected into the breasts.  This is a relatively new procedure and has been around only very recently....

Botox Tops Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Options

Billions of dollars were spent on cosmetic plastic surgery just last year. This only shows a constantly growing market for body improvement and that the industry has maintained its huge following throughout the years. 

Whether it be invasive or minimally-invasive procedures, it can be readily gleaned that people are willing to spend to achieve their physical best. Interesting to note was how tried-and-tested procedures topped the list. 
For minimally-invasive procedures, on the number one spot were wrinkle treatment injections via Botox with an aggregate record of 7 million procedures in...

Things You Should Know about Medium Chemical Peel

It comes as no surprise that invasive facial solutions have seen a steep decline.  More and more people appreciate non-invasive solutions to their facial skin concerns.  This is the reason why chemical peels have become all the rage in recent years. 
Taking advantage of this new trend, many skin care clinics and companies have jumped in to offer the best kind of chemical peel formula. No matter how many products are introduced to the market, one thing, however, remains a constant. Patients must first know their skin type and their goals in order to find the best kind of chemical peel for them....